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A Note from Debbie,

After managing different retail businesses over the years, and raising a family, I decided I would take the leap and open my own shop. Having gone to Fox Valley Technical Institute for Interior Design I already knew I enjoyed playing with textures, colors, and styles. Entering the world of fashion just meant I’d be choosing scarves and jewelry for an outfit instead of throw pillows for a sofa.

Coming up with a name for my store was a challenge because I knew I wanted it to be short and to the point. After much consideration I kept coming back to the name ‘Panache’, which in French means ‘spirited self assurance, flamboyance in style and action’. Having had a fascination with Paris for years, it was very fitting. So in May of 2002 we opened the doors of Panache!

The icing on the cake happened a year after opening our doors. A clothing line, called Putumayo, offered a contest where the best photograph of their Paris inspired clothing would win a trip to Paris. Right on deadline I loaded up my camera /family and headed down to Panache. We set up displays, took pictures, and laughed about the possibility of winning. About a month later I received the phone call – WE WON! It was an amazing experience I won’t soon forget!

Panache has evolved over the years but our main goal has stayed the same, to bring style and comfort to women’s fashion.

Without a doubt, one of my favorite parts of the business is the people I get to meet. It’s so rewarding and I feel very blessed to have built such wonderful relationships. I truly appreciate your support, encouragement, and patronage over the years! Without you, Panache wouldn’t be here.

Thank you – Debbie Fisher
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